Top 10 New Year’s resolutions… and how to keep them

Whether it’s work, fitness, savings or home life, try these tips to help plan your time and achieve your goals

It doesn’t have to be January 1 for everything to change, but a new year is a good excuse to kickstart those aspects of your daily life that you wish were in better shape – from your body and your budget, to the ways in which you relax and enjoy more time with the ones you love.

Whatever your target is, having a plan before you begin will help you stay on track. Finding a goal buddy to try to keep a resolution alongside you can often help. Get more confidence tips to help you achieve your goals.

Pick your most important resolution from our top 10 list below and then click on the links to get savvy advice to help you stay on track towards your goal.

1. ‘I want to get a new job’

First ask yourself, is it really a new job you want, or do you just want to feel more valued in your current one? If it’s the latter, find out how to ask for a raise with confidence.
Sure you want to make a career change? Plot your escape with our new job planner. Or why not live the ultimate dream. Find out how to become your own boss.

2. ‘I need to ditch the ready meals’

Work, school, social lives and chores all get in the way of enjoying homemade healthy meals together. Make it easier with our 3-in-1 suppers (one to eat and two to freeze) and 10 easy meals from three ingredients. In need of added inspiration? Check out our recipe finder.

3. ‘I want to get fit’

Success with exercise is all about finding what works for you and crucially what you enjoy enough to stick at. For fun ways to get your body in shape, why not try Zumba or our ballroom dancing workout? For core fitness, it’s worth giving Pilates a go. Get started with these easy Pilates exercises. Kick off your new exercise regime with our 48-hour body re-boot. If you’re already sporty but feel your fitness routines could do with an extra push, check out these insightful tips on how to up your game.

4. ‘I want to spend more quality time with my other half’

As the kids get older, you have a little more time on your hands, but it’s easy for this to get taken up with everyday household chores. Why not use some of those quiet evenings or spare lunchtimes to reconnect and try these other quality time tips for grabbing a moment together.
If cost of eating out means it’s tricky to go out, try these brilliant recipes for a special meal for two at home or advice for how to have date night on a budget.

5. ‘I want to get our household budget under control’

After Christmas is the perfect time to stop and take stock. Start with working out how your finances should all add up and how to take control of your weekly food budget.Constantly spending money on things you don’t really need? Read our savvy shopping tips.

6. ‘I want to relax more’

Feeling frazzled? Find out how to cheat the clock and enjoy a little more mum me-time and easy relaxation exercises to try at home. Plus the secret to getting a good night’s sleep

7. ‘I want to book a family holiday we can all look forward to’

There’s nothing nicer than having oodles of time to look forward to a summer holiday that’s already booked while the weather’s still wintry and cold outside. Kick start your 2015 holiday happiness with our 10 ways to plan a holiday then check out our holiday budget planner to find out how to make your money go further. If your last holiday was tough, read our ideas for finding the ideal break that the whole family will enjoy.

8. ‘I want to spend more time with my kids’

We might see our children every day but how much time do we have to sit down and enjoy things together? Find out how to make the most of precious moments with your daughter or with your son. Making easy treats together in the kitchen is a lovely way to bond, try these cooking ideas.

9. ‘I want to eat a more healthy, balanced diet’

You don’t have to take on a fad diet to eat better and feel good. Here’s some inspiration for reaching your diet goal, eating yourself younger and shaping up your eating habits

10. ‘I want to help my kids get the most out of school’

We can’t do our kids’ homework for them, but we can be their support team when they need to focus at school, get through exams and, importantly, rest those brains afterwards. Find out why mapping your child’s goals is key. Read our 10 exam tips for parents and find out how to get the most from your child’s parents’ evenings.